Embed Responsively: Resize media across your desktop, mobile, and tablet

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As the owner of multiple websites, I often rely on free web tools to accomplish certain tasks (quick photo editing, plugins, widgets, etc).

One such tool allows I use when embedding a video, image, or gif is Embed Responsively. The app allows you to create your own embed code from any of the big social media sites when you want that media to resize across all devices.

When you place the social media URL into the tool, it spits out a responsive embed codes for embedding rich third-party media (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Google Maps, Instagram, Vine) into responsive web pages.

This free online tool exists because most social media sites offer up embed codes that have fixed widths (or extra crap), meaning that the video or gif would be the same size whether you watched it on a 22″ monitor or on a small cellphone. Embed Responsively takes care of that, so you can be confident that the media will always adjust to the screen it’s viewed on (as long as it’s on a responsive webpage).

Every time I saw the name of this tool, I want to say “responsibly” which isn’t that far off. If you want to embed, you should want to do that responsively which is responsible. I guess. Bye.

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