Start Embeded YouTube at Certain Time

Start an embedded YouTube video at a specific time

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Start Embeded YouTube at Certain Time

What I Found Out today: You can embed YouTube videos with a specific start and end time. Something I never needed to do until today.

If you’re looking to embed a Youtube video onto your site and would like to have it start or end at a particular point in the video, don’t follow Google’s instructions, it’s outdated info. Previously, Google/Youtube supported code that looked something like “#t=2m01s”

Don’t do that. It won’t work anymore. Do this:

In order to start a YouTube video with a specific start time, you take the embed code of said video. You will append that URL with a parameter. Don’t be afraid, be easy, Weezy.

For example, here’s a youtube embed URL:


In order to have the youtube embed start at a specific place in the video, add the this string to the URL:


Whereas “=75” and “=121” are the seconds when the video will start and when the video will end.

Here’s where I bring it home. If you’d like your video to start at 1 minute and 15 seconds into the video, and end at 2 minutes and 1 second, your embed code would look something like the following:


Embed youtube video with start and end time

(You don’t have to have both a start and end time, you can have a start time without an end time, and vice versa)

For the time-challenged, the example above will start at the 1:15 (75 seconds) mark and end at 2:01 point. This is the most updated method of having a Youtube video begin at a specific time.

Happy embeddingwithstarttime!

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