Nespresso celebrates “National Coffee Day” with “Buy 10 Get 1 Free”

If you’re a member of Nespresso Club, you likely got the same promotional email I received this morning.

Nespresso is celebrating “National Coffee Day” with a special “Purchase 10 sleeves and receive one free sleeve”. C’mon do better, Nespresso.

I guess it’s better than not getting anything, but really it’s not much of a promotion. After all said and done, essentially I’m getting what amounts to a 10% off coupon but only if I purchase a minimum of $70 worth of pods (each sleeve is about $7).

Not only that, I received this same opportunity just 5 days ago under the banner of “GET READY FOR NATIONAL COFFEE DAY”.

Celebrate National Coffee Day Nespresso Sale

Get ready for National Coffee Day? Who is actually prepping for this weak non-holiday? And if Nespresso is going all in on this “National Coffee Day” special, why does it run until October 6th? After all said and done, the “Coffee Day” promo will have run 12 full days — so this is more like the “Twelve Days of Christmas” than “Black Friday”.

If this promotion doesn’t feel very special, it’s because it’s not very special. I love your machines and prefer your pods over others, but please do better, Nespresso.

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