Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s addicting hazelnut powder now available to buy in-store

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Rejoice! After years of customers begging, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf finally decided to sell their magic hazelnut powder!*


I walked into a Coffee Bean yesterday morning in San Francisco and saw that they were now selling hazelnut powder in their own individual tins. I grabbed one, excitedly brought it up to the cashier and asked when they came out and she responded “today”. I hugged the hazelnut tin like a plush teddy my daddy won me at the county fair.

To be clear, CBTL has sold their hazelnut powder before, you just couldn’t buy a tin by itself. Prior to yesterday, in order to get their hazelnut powder, you had to buy a holiday gift set that included two other tins of flavored powders (vanilla and dutch chocolate) and it retailed for over $20. Not only that, the tins you did receive were small; just 8oz.


And these gift sets were only available from late-November to early-January so you would have to hoard them if you wanted to make your own hazelnut lattes and flavored iced coffees during the spring and summer.

Well yesterday was a day of celebration with the release of Coffee Bean’s individual tins of hazelnut powder. Like their white chocolate, dutch chocolate and vanilla offerings, their hazelnut now comes in their monster 22oz tins.

* We can’t confirm if CBTL will be selling hazelnut year-round, but it’s a good sign that the favored flavored powder was found among the regular CBTL items and not with their holiday offerings (which aren’t even displayed yet).


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