Jeremy Lin shoots just 2-12, but aggression keeps Lakers flowing

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Jeremy Lin didn’t have the best shooting night, in fact he only hit two shots in twelve attempts, but he was instrumental in getting the Lakers on the cusp of a road win vs. the Milwaukee Bucks. The two shots that he did make were memorable: the first one for it’s difficulty- a flying baseline reverse layup and the second shot came at crucial time during the game — a high-arcing three that put the Lakers up 6 with less than 40 seconds in the game.

Misses are misses, but when you’re attacking the rim as Lin did late in the second half, they proved to be good misses. Stay with me, Lin’s drives forced the Buck’s big men to rotate over to contest his shot. Even though Lin would miss three shots at the rim in the fourth, Ed Davis was easily able to clean up unimpeded because his man couldn’t recover (no matter how long Giannis Antetokounmpo’s arm span is)

Ultimately, the Lakers would give up a three to OJ Mayo in regulation and lose in overtime 113-105.

Lin was demoted a couple weeks ago, registering his firstfrom DNP Coach’s Decision as a Laker as the third guard in the roation, but looks like Lin has moved back up to backup guard; closing out games over rookie Jordan Clarkson. Let’s see how the next few weeks treat Lin.

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