Yikes! Jeremy Lin sports “bowl cut” hairstyle at Hornets practice

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While in China for the NBA Global Games, Jeremy Lin decided to wear his hair in a bowlcut at a Charlotte Hornets practice.

For those of you not in the know, the “bowl cut” is a common hair “style” that Asian boys and girls (mostly boys) received when young. When I say “common”, I mean it was common with Asians, non-Asian uber nerds, first-generation Asian-Americans and in Asian countries. Outside of those defined groups, the bowlcut has never been on-trend, ever.

I’m not sure why the haircut is especially popular with the Asian set so I set out on finding out why. And for once, the internet didn’t help. Is it because it’s some sort of tradition? Or was popular to find it on jook sings‘ heads because it was utilitarian and didn’t involve much scissors skills, thus allowing anyone with a bowl and a semi-steady hand to achieve it?

Whatever the rationale, the Asian parents’ intentions weren’t to add another reason for their Asian-American sons to be bullied on the playground, which unfortunately, was likely the result.

I applaud Lin for reclaiming the bowlcut… EVEN if his new style wasn’t an intentional move to empower Asian children of both sexes everywhere

…the first few nights I was in a hotel… I went downstairs to the lobby to have someone take a look at my computer to figure out the hotel internet… I ended up getting recognized and taking a few photos with my hair looking super disheveled (picture below), wearing pajamas, and holding my huge laptop in my hand.

Jeremy Lin explains his bowlcut

Sometimes when my hair isn’t gelled, people will look at my hair and start laughing mid-sentence lolll. Pretty awesome. Im not cutting my hair though. Me and six others (including my bro, cousin, trainer, agent, etc.) have agreed to eventually have the same hairstyle. Stay tuned.

What a goofball. The Hornets are in Shenzen for NBA Global Games to play a preseason game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

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