How to stop those annoying Whatsapp server notifications

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What I Found Out Today: How to stop Whatsapp server notifications without blocking all messages or turning off push notifications.

I rarely use Whatsapp, but I get messages often enough from friends that I keep the app on my phone (and try not to think about how it’s always “on”).

The problem I’ve run into a few times now is how the app sends out annoying notifications about a new version of the app is available:

New version of WhatsApp Messenger is now available. Please visit Google Play or the WhatsApp Website to upgrade to the latest version. Your upgrade will be free and will bring new features such as Broadcast Lists!

Awesome! Who cares! Shut up notification!

New Version of Whatsapp Push Notification

January 14, 17, 19, 20, unread voicemail… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

It’s annoying Whatsapp sends out separate update notification that can’t be turned off. I ignore them, but if you don’t download the new version, Whatsapp continues sending notifications to update every day. Imagine if every mobile app on your phone had their own separate push notification.

So I finally got annoyed enough to actually look into the issue (and write a blog post) – and it was simple, stupid!

To get rid of the notifications, open up the message, scroll all the way to the top and simply click “BLOCK” – this will block all Whatsapp server notifications/messages in the future! At least that was easy. I hope Whatsapp doesn’t start sending me actual important notifications that I’ll care about — like a zombie invasion.

[UPDATE] The notifications started again about three days ago. I believe they were coming from a different number each time, so I had to block each. Now, I no longer have the option to “BLOCK” them as they show that the number is already blocked, yet I still receive those push messages >:(

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