Restricting a WordPress widget to only display on the homepage

What I Found Out Today: Hello WordPressers, there may be a time in which you want to display a widget only on the home page of your site while not showing up on other pages.

Or you may want different WordPress widgets to display on certain pages, and not others.

After trying a few other plugins, I found the WordPress Context plugin allows you to target widgets to specific pages easily.

Not only is the plugin updated and works with the current version of WordPress (as of this post), the plugin also has an easy interface that allows you to display or hide widgets on specific pages on your WordPress blog without being a codemonkey. You can also target widgets by URL.

Display WordPress Widget on Front Page

Just install and activate the plugin, go into the widget and adjust the logic on that specific widget.

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3 thoughts on “Restricting a WordPress widget to only display on the homepage

  1. I can’t believe how difficult it was to find a solution to such a basic issue with the widgets. Geez… you’d think wordpress would be able to handle this stuff by now. Thanks!

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