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Fresh, young blood reverses aging in mice

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Let’s file this latest science under “why wasn’t this tried before” with the subfolders “This just makes sense” and “This would have been one of the first things I would have thought to do”

— scientists in three trials have found that injecting young, fresh blood into non-fresh, non-young mice, that it reversed the some effects of aging.

…three separate studies came out with evidence that blood infusions can rejuvenate the human body and reverse effects of aging in the brain, muscles, heart and other organs. “There’s something about young blood that can literally reverse the impairments you see in the older brain.” said Saul Villeda, a lead author in one of the studies.

So the fountain of youth is spewing blood!

The researchers hope to to experiment with humans clinical trials in 3-5 years. Until then in order to slow the aging process, reduce your stress, get sleep, eat right, and exercise a lot. And botox. Read the full article at Policymic.

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