Full coverage of every Jeremy Lin dunk ever (with photos and images!)

May 5, 2014 - Jeremy Lin

Here’s a gallery of Jeremy Lin dunk photos and videos. There’s about about 20+ photos and a couple videos, but full disclosure, it’s only about 7 dunks with a couple slams from multiple angles.

Jeremy Lin Dunk Videos

Two Dunks on UConn (2009): Lin dunks twice for a then-career high 30 points against UConn in 2009. Check out the dunk at about the 8:17 mark:

Dunk versus Yale (Feb 2010): Lin throws down the tomahawk on Ivy rivals Yale.

Linsanity Dunk vs. Washington (2012): In the early games of Linsanity, before anyone was paying too much attention, Lin crossed John Wall, drove from near halfcourt and flew in for the dunk.


Linsanity Dunk vs. Sacramento (Feb 2013): Lin blocks a shot then dribbles it through 3 Kings defenders and dunks on future teammate Francisco Garcia.

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