I am going to appreciate you more the next time I eat you, cashew nut

I watched the following video and was amazed by the amount of manual work that goes into producing one cashew nut

(the cashew is actually a seed). Cashews are attached to cashew apples which are are picked one by one from the Cashew tree. From there, the cashew is plucked from the fruit then placed in a chamber to dry. Then the cashew’s outer shell is removed and the nut extracted. The nut is then placed in a hot air chamber, so that the skin can be easily peeled off. From there, the cashewe is sorted and graded by color and size.

I’m not sure if the video represents the exact painstaking process that all cashews go through, but the picking, plucking, shelling, and sorting seem unavoidable. I normally eat cashews faster than many of the workers were able to quickly sort them. I’ll be sure to savor and appreciate the hard work the next time I devour a handful of cashews.

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