Avengers 3: ‘Infinity War’ is really ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ is really awesome

Marvel is not done being a huge, slutty tease. Here’s the full teaser trailer for the Avengers 3 and Avengers 4 movies that was shown at a recent Marvel event announcing their “Phase 3” slate of films.

Dubbed Infinity War parts I and II, which was intended only for attendees at the Marvel event but has since leaked:

Comic book fans knew that the franchise was headed toward infinity with the appearance of the infinity gems in many of the Marvel movies. Still, seeing a sneak peek of what we already predicted will still make us wet.

Even though there’s not much new content to this 1:46 trailer, the payoff comes off at the end when an up close look at the infinity gauntlet closes out the trailer. Behind the Gauntlet? It’s Thanos wearing the all-powerful gauntlet on his left hand.

And as he squeezes his fist tightly, the infinity gems begin to gleam with power.

Those gleaming gems give way to “The Avengers” logo…. the words “Infinity War” explodes onto the screen underneath the Avengers logo. The crowd goes crazy but the reveal doesn’t end there, there’s much more to it. Under “Infinity War” appears “Part I May 2018” telling the audience that it’s a multi-part film before “Part II May 2019” ends the tease.

Avengers Infinity War part I and Part II Movie

I’m loving that Marvel went the direction of the Lord of the Rings and Hunger Games by scheduling the two-part Infinity War. We won’t have to wait 2-4 years for the next Avengers film, instead the two-part film will be in the theaters in consecutive years.

Thus far, movies that film sequels all in one shoot have yet to disappoint, and I am not just hopeful, but completely confident that Marvel is going to make an awesome Infinity War.

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