AirDroid Error: Failed to upload files onto external SD memory card

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A couple years ago, I was looking for an easier way to manage my phone’s files, ones that didn’t involve connecting through USB. I ultimately went with AirDroid, a device manager app that allows you to access your Android phone from a web browser over a wireless internet connection.

AirDroid Error: Failed to Upload File

For the most part, I used AirDroid to upload new music onto my Samsung Galaxy S4’s (and S3) external memory card, and it worked flawlessly up until a recent update to the app.

When that recent update went live, some users could no longer upload files onto their external SD card. Prior to said update, you could select the “SD Memory Card” then drag and drop your files via AirDroid onto your phone. Now Airdroid users trying to add files to their external memory card, get the following error “Failed to upload file”

AirDroid Failed to Upload the File

The first few times I got the error, I thought it was something awry on my side; maybe my wireless connection was shaky or that my memory card was too full. After several frustrating attempts where I watched files look as if they had been successfully transferred, then go red, I found that it wasn’t something I was doing.

Solution: Upload to Device Storage

There’s an easy solution to this particular AirDroid Error. Simply, in AirDroid, choose Device Storage and upload your files on the internal card. Once you’ve finished uploading your files, disconnect from AirDroid. Go into your device’s file system, select all files you just added and move them to the folder in your External Memory Card. Voila!

It’s an extra step and isn’t ideal, but it works.

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    Ty Free says:

    Your problem is likely due to upgrading to androind 4.4 as they changed the way apps are allowed to the the externalSD card.

    If like me, you have a large SD card you want to add media to, you might not have enough space for the files you want to transfer.

    You can still transfer files directly to the externalSD card using airdroid, but only to the /Android/data/com.sand.airdroid/ folder

    You can then use the onboard file manager to move the files as you did before, but you won’t be limited by your phone’s internal storage and could transfer 20gb in one go.

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