All hail the “crossfade”

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I don’t know how best to set this post up other than to say sometimes the small, simple tweaks we make to our everyday lives that make a difference. By themselves, they’re nothing, but these little changes can alter the way you do things.

One of these simple pleasures I have recently discovered is “crossfading,” which is a audio mixing technique where one song is ending it begins to fade into the background while the next song becomes louder in equal proportion.

Most regularly used by DJs, the crossfade is something I discover a couple weeks ago as a way to listen to music seamlessly. If you have a music player that has the crossfade feature (Android’s stock music player doesn’t offer this option), you can listen to music bleed into one another as you would if they were mixed together.

I downloaded a few apps to test out, but couldn’t find a free app that had the crossfade feature. Ultimately, after looking at reviews, I  paid for the Rocket Player app ($3.99).

With crossfade, there’s no silence or delay in between songs now and it’s made such a difference in how I enjoy music. Again, it’s not earth shattering, but with just a simple tweak, the experience of listening to music has been fundamentally changed. It’s the simple pleasures.



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