WOW! Apple Announces Affordable Plastic iPhone!

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That’s sarcasm.

With their billions of dollars, Google pushes boundaries with augmented reality wearable tech, invests millions into balloons that may bring Internet connectivity to third world countries and rural areas, and has been test running self-driving cars for hundreds of thousands of miles.

What does Apple do with their billions? Their big announcement is a $99 plastic iPhone with cute colors.

It’s only “Google vs. Apple” on the stock market.

I like Apple proudcts; there’s a lot to be said for the quality of Apple’s products, the design, and how well they work, but Apple hasn’t truly innovated in some time. Every quarter, they introduce a feature or two, and people go nutso over curved corners or some other micro-iteration that allows Apple to continue making crap loads of money while creativity crawls at a snail’s pace.

With their resources, both financial and human, it’s kind of pathetic. Thank god for Android, who will continue to force Apple to keep up releasing features to remain competitive (because there’s money at stake).

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