How to change the DNS on TVPad

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With TVPad being court-ordered to shut down, thousands of their users have been left with a device that no longer works.


And those users (most likely those users’ dutiful sons and daughters) search for workarounds so the boxes can once again stream their favorite Chinese, Korean, and Hong Kong channels abroad.

One of the temporary solutions to getting your TVPad to work again was to changing out the DNS on the machine. There have been reports that putting in a new DNS server address will give some or all of the TVPad’s functionality.


How to change DNS on TVPad

Changing the system’s DNS isn’t difficult if you know what you’re doing and used to working with the clunky TVPad remote control. Once you have an alternate DNS servers you’d like to try on your TVPad, follow these steps to manually change the system’s current DNS:

1) Go to Main Menu
2) Go to Settings
3) LAN Settings
4) Change Type from AUTO to MANUAL
5) Remove old DNS (backspace)
6) Add new DNS
7) When done, press “Back” on remote so on-screen keyboard disappears
8) Scroll to “OK” to save new settings
9) Press “Exit”
10) Hit “Back” on your remote

And you’re done. Some instructions tell you to reboot the machine, but I found that saving the DNS on step #7 did the trick in my case. Also have to mention that the above instructions are for TVPad3. If you have another model of TVPad, it’s the same concept, it’s just a matter of finding the right settings.

Good luck!


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  1. avatar
    Johannes Winardi says:

    Hi. I am living in Jakarta, Indonesia.
    I am a user of TVpad-3.
    I am using wireless instead of LAN
    When I do the Wi-Fi Settings, it is responding “wireless network configuration succeeded”
    But when I test the network, it is responding as follows:
    IP Address Normal
    Gateway Normal
    DNS Normal
    Server Abnormal(Error code:-1)
    It has been like that for some time, and I can still be able to watch most of the channels, especially the recorded ones.
    But now I cannot watch any channel.
    Any advice is appreciated. Thank you

  2. avatar
    Janis says:

    Doesn’t even work….and their customer services just pissed me off….after spending all these money to upgrade ur devices…I don’t think thats how I should be treated….
    instead of sorting out how to watch these channels illegally….why don’t subscript to the actual channel on some legal platforms?? Such as Sling International? DISH network?

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