ZARA winter sale coming early with “after-Christmas” online sale on X-mas day (10 PM)

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Zara isn’t playing around this season with their holiday sale, they’re making sure you use your Christmas money on fast fashions as fast as humanly possible. That’s because ZARA is launching their bi-annual Winter sale right after you open your gifts.

This year, the company’s sale is bleeding into Christmas day itself; unveiling their sale items with a simple Christmas day email that said:

Our online SALE starts tonight at 10:00pm EST

For the full-on ZARA fans that have downloaded their mobile app, they’ll even have earlier access to their Fall/Winter sale items by perusing the modern, on-trend shirts, blouses, trousers and viral polka dot, midi dresses at 8 PM EST.

In past years, the company launched their winter sale / after-Christmas sale… well, after Christmas — on December 26th; allowing ZARA fans to fully-enjoy their family, gifts, and time-off. It’s clear the company is trying something different.

To be fair, the actual in-store sale doesn’t begin until December 26th as all Zaras are closed on Christmas Day. Considering where things are going, would it surprise you if stores started opening on Christmas evenings to attract shoppers in our consumer, capitalist society?


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