ZARA’s online SALE starts tonight and in-store tomorrow! #zarasale

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Did you get the email? I just did. Oh man. It’s here, my friends — the ZARA bi-annual sale is upon us. The two-times a year sale huge shadow is casting a large shadow down upon us.

If you didn’t get the same email we received then I’m happy to inform you that ZARA’s online sales starts tonight. The email simply stated:

“Our online SALE starts tonight at 10:00pm EST”

That means in less than nine hours, you can continue staring into your laptop screen or mobile phone to search for some fast-fashion deals from the Spanish retailer. If you go to their website right now you won’t find any indication that the sale is happening, but rest assured, the online sale is starting tonight.

When will ZARA’s In-Store Sale Start?

All this means that ZARA’s Spring/Summer sale will start tomorrow morning in-store when they open — as we predicted a few weeks ago. That’s the normal schedule for ZARA sales — it begins online and the next morning, red tags abound in-store. The email confirmed as much:


On a personal note, we’re proud we’re back on track; it’s nice to see that we have our ZARA sale prediction-mojo on point and that we can share that news with confidence for future sales. What’s even nicer is we can re-stock our wardrobe with shirts, tees, trousers, and jeans for up to 80% off. See you there.

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