Who is Alexander Jennes Downing – the racist that yelled at a Muslim family at the beach?

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You really need to watch this video. Anything you read before watching the video won’t have the same feeling and power than the the actual sights and sounds of a Trumpmerican on vacay in the South Padre islands.:

The short of it was an Arab-American family was enjoying a day at the beach in Texas’ South Padre islands when this bro started up with them — yelling at them, getting in their faces, calling them “fucking Muslims,” chanting “Donald Trump,” referring to ISIS and Sharia Law, beating his chest then grabbing his crotch and telling the family to “suck his dick.” This apparently happened twice and went on for at least 20 minutes during one of those incidents.

Looking back at how I described the incident, it doesn’t do the disgusting actions justice especially considering there were three children under the age of five witnessing it. Watch the video if you haven’t already. Really.

Who is Alexander Jennes Downing? Someone Too Familar

The Trump-supporting loudmouth’s name is Alexander Jennes Downing, a 35-year old from Waterford, Connecticut. And he is the kind of person I grew up dealing with. It wasn’t everyday my family had to deal with this type of hatred, but as you can see from the video, it needn’t be everyday for this to happen to shape your worldview.

Growing up in Michigan, my family faced ignorance everyday. For the most part it was passive and small; mostly in the form of assumptions and questions based on stereotypes. But two or three times a year, I had to deal with this type of aggressive racism based on stereotypes and notions of what they thought my face represented.

Given, Downing was drunk and is on the more extreme side of the spectrum, but this type of behavior and thought process isn’t rare. And in 99% of the times, there aren’t repercussions, so it continues.

In the case of Downing, after the family called 911 a couple times, the police took the 5’8 Downing (his height evidenced by his sobbing and pathetic mugshot) into custody for public intoxication because he was “a danger to himself and others.”

sobbing mugshot

Downing Has Been Arrested Multiple Times

Here’s something that won’t shock you: the drunken bro that was screaming obscenities and grabbing his dick in the presence of children has been arrested before. Downing was most recently arrested in 2016 for… elderly abuse involving two relatives:

Alexander Downing is on felony probation in Florida until 2019 after pleading guilty last year to charges of abuse of an elderly or disabled person and domestic violence battery, Hillsborough County court records. He was also sentenced to time served after spending five days in jail following his July 11, 2016, arrest in Plant City.

Prior to that, the douchebag-heard-round-the-world was arrested on drug-related charges in 2003 and 2004. It doesn’t end there; he’s had multiple incidents with the Connecticut Police that resulted in being arrested and appearing in court.

Downing has lived in multiple places around the United States; according to online records, he was born in New Hampshire before moving around. He has lived in at least two cities in Florida – Lakeland and Plant City. Most recently, he has spent time in both Connecticut and in Spring, Texas.

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    You forgot something says:

    They aren’t an Arabic family. They are an American family (born and raised), that also happens to be Muslim like millions of other American families.

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