Who is Lisa Schlitt? The “delightful” champ has multiple Jeopardy wins

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Lisa Schlitt is the latest Jeopardy phenomenon to win consecutive games, but where does her winnings land her all time?


Who is Lisa Schlitt? Schlitt grew up on Long Island, New York and attended Cornell University. She moved to Berwyn, Pennsylvania in 2015 and currently works as a microbiologist for the New Jersey Department of Health.

During her run, Schlitt has endeared herself to Jeopardy watchers with her seemingly genuine and humble innocence not to mention the fact that she’s whip smart and has a clear mastery of the buzzer – – which is important if you want to have sustained success on the game show. Facebook fans have also used “sweet”, “delightful”, “a true champion” and “an inspiration” to describe Lisa.

Even though fans were rightfully puzzled that her Massachusetts “mass.” answer was not accepted in Final Jeopardy, she didn’t wager too much and came out with her fifth win. Fans of the game were relieved that Lisa still ended up as the winner. She followed up that with her sixth win on Friday the 3rd of February.

Over the course of six contests, Schlitt has won $139,100.


Where Does Lisa Schlitt Sit in Jeopardy History?

With more than $139,000 in winnings, some are wondering where her numbers land her all-time in the annals of Jeopardy. When it comes to her place in the quiz show history, she’s made a mark, but will need a few more wins before we talk about her as an legend. Take a peak at the list of all-time winners below:

Jeopardy Winnings All-Time*

Rank Contestant Most Winnings
1 Ken Jennings $ 2,520,700
2 Dave Madden $ 430,400
3 Julia Collins $ 429,100
4 Matt Jackson $ $411,612
5 Arthur Chu $ 298,200
6 Seth Wilson $ 245,002**
7 Tom Nissley $ 235,405
8 Roger Craig $ 230,200
9 Larissa Kelly $ 223,597
10 Jason Keller $ 213,900
11 Joon Pahk $ 199,000
12 Tom Walsh $ 184,900
13 Ben Ingram $ 176,534


What about her overall wins? With six wins, Schlitt is moving up the list, but she still needs to get to seven wins before she sees her name in the marquee (or at least on this marquee):

All-Time Jeopardy Champions List (by Wins)

Rank Contestant Win
1 Ken Jennings 74 wins
2 Julia Collins 20 wins
3 Dave Madden 19 wins
4 Matt Jackson 13 wins
5 Arthur Chu 11 wins
5 Seth Wilson 11 wins
7 Jason Keller 9 wins
7 Dan Pawson 9
8 Ben Ingram 8 wins
8 Tom Nissley 8
8 Tom Kavanaugh 8
9 Jason Keller 7 wins
9 Joon Pahk 7
9 Justin Bernbach 7
9 Tom Walsh 7
9 Stephanie Jass 7
9 Keith Whitener 7

What about Jeopardy winners that are women? Taking into consideration her gender, Schlitt is up there in overall winnings and wins. But before we create an all-time list, we’ll wait until/if she wins her sixth match. Stay tuned. She won, so here’s a list of Jeopardy’s most-successful female contestants:

Jeopardy’s Winningest Women!

Rank Contestant Total Winnings Games
1 Julia Collins $372,700 20
2 Larissa Kelly $222,597 6
3 Stephanie Jass $147,570 7
4 Sandie Baker $142 200 6
5 Lisa Schlitt $139 100 6
6 Sarah McNitt $91 398 5

One of the numerous reasons Schlitt has been so successful is due to her father teaching her to wager boldly. Thus far, that advice has her “bet(ting) the farm” and that’s taken her to multiple wins.

Will Lisa Schlitt be able to continue? Only contestants on the show and Jeopardy crew know the answer. Whether she wins tonight or not, Schlitt fans will be happy to know that once she got to five wins, they’ll be seeing her again in the Tournament of Champions.

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