HEAL: Your physical is free – Get it now while you’re covered

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Received an email from HEAL today that reminded people to get their free physicals that they’re allowed in their healthcare plan.


Here’s what I got from Heal:

Whether 2017 means a new insurance plan or consistent coverage for you and your family, you have a right to quality care. With Heal, you can receive a comprehensive and affordable annual physical on your turf, on your schedule.

Reasons you shouldn’t wait to get your physical now

  • Have a PPO? There is zero out of pocket as annual physicals are 100% covered.
  • No insurance?  No problem, as you’ll just pay $99 for a wellness exam.
  • No wait times. The average time to get an appointment for a physical is almost 20 days.
  • Early detection. This is the key that leads to better health outcomes.


HEAL also does on-site all day physicals in your work place, for no extra set-up fee where. This means no one has to miss any work time. Let 2017 be the year you make your health a top priority.

I’ve used HEAL and I like their service. Keep an eye for a HEAL review.


To learn more about Heal, go to Heal.com

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