Redesigned TodayTix 2.0 app released today with new features

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The all-new TODAYTIX app was released today. Version 2.0 was designed in collaboration with TODAYTIX users.

Their email wants everyone to update their app to experience all of their new features. Here’s a list of the new features that will make the new TodayTix app easier to use:

DISCOVER: Not sure what to see? Discover guides that will help you pick the perfect show. This new feature is only available in New York City and London, but I’m sure they plan on expanding that to their other cities.

WISHLIST: Now you can keep a list of Broadway and off-Broadway shows you’re interested in. Call if your wishlist of shows. You can organize your list any way you’d like.

FEATURED CONTENT: Stay in the know with theater updates from the TodayTix Insider. It’s all the latest theater, Broadway and industry news in your area.

MAP: Quickly see what’s playing nearby in case you’re feeling impulsive; like you want to sing and dance… with $40-150 burning a hole in your pocket.

Though the new app feels different than the old one in many ways, the main function of TodayTix remains the same — getting discounted shows from your mobile phone. For a review of TodayTixand why you should be using it and is it worth downloading, check out this post.

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