Can I split a Lyft fare after the ride has completed?

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The idea of splitting a Lyft fare is so it’s easy for a carfull of friends to quickly equally share the cost of a rideshare.

More specifically, when sharing a ride with friends in a Lyft, the assumption is you can take care of the fare while in the ride itself (e.g. active). But can I split a Lyft fare after the ride has completed? Unfortunately not. Here’s what Lyft’s Help Center says specifically about splitting payments:

When can I use the splitting feature?
Requests to split the payment can only be sent during an active ride. The feature will no longer be available after the driver has dropped you off.

Well, that sucks. What about those friends that don’t check their phones? Usually when the car is full of friends going to the same destination, the conversation is flowing and the cost of the ride doesn’t really come up. In order to make this more effective, I think Lyft should give at least a 5 or 10 minute grace period to accept the split even when the ride is no longer active.

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