What is Trailhead and what’s their relationship to Salesforce?

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If you found yourself on the second floor of Moscone West this past week during Dreamforce 2015, then you found yourself in a outdoors-themed wonderland hosted by an entity called “Trailhead”.


Unless you were a Salesforce employee or really ensconced in the Salesforce culture, you probably wondered “What is Trailhead?” and what do they have to do with Salesforce/Dreamforce? Also, “Man, they must have paid a lot of money to have such a large presence…”

What is Trailhead?

At Dreamforce, Trailhead “employees” sported green Trailhead t-shirts instead of Salesforce blue and their coveted Trailhead “Astro” mascot plush doll was clearly a different species than SaaSy.

Trailhead Astro doll from Dreamforce 2015


Despite the branding confusion, Trailhead is the name that Salesforce uses for their new guided training. Here’s Salesforce’s explanation of Trailhead:

Trailhead breaks down the Salesforce1 Platform into bite-sized, digestible pieces (aka ‘modules‘) and presents developers and admins with a guided learning path (aka ‘trails‘) for consuming those pieces. Which particular trail(s) you decide to hike on depends on your background (e.g. developer or administrator) and goals (e.g. ‘I want to develop apps without writing any code’). But chances are, whatever you’re looking for, we have a trail for you. And it’s all self-paced.

So no, Trailhead is not a different company, Trailhead is not a Salesforce partner or a start-up that Salesforce acquired. Released in late 2014, Trailhead is a fun and free way to learn Salesforce.

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