List: The 65 Biggest Tech Layoffs in 2022 including Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, and DoorDash

From seemingly never-ending supply change issues, lower spending, high gas prices, and a cratering stock market 2022 has been a horrible year for the global economy. Despite the U.S. Dollar being the strongest it’s been in a very long time, the United States hasn’t been impervious to economic issues.

Companies seeing their stock ticker symbols sink while profits shrink are doing their best to cut costs in preparation for uncertain times ahead. They can only restrict travel, freeze hiring, cut benefits, and break leases so much until they have to look at their headcounts to see where they can stay above water.

Tech Layoffs 2022

In particular, the tech industry has suffered as consumer spending and remote work has changed the landscape. From Facebook/Instagram to Peloton to Shopify to Amazon, some of the biggest technology companies have announced layoffs. Here’s a list of the 57 biggest layoffs (by number of people laid off) that have been announced this year. You can also sort by the percentage laid off based on their workforce.

All numbers are approximate based on reported layoffs from available announcements, articles and/or filings.

Biggest Tech Layoffs 2022
Company Layoff Month %
Amazon 20,000 Dec 6%
Meta 11,000 Nov 13% 5,000 Several 35%
Micron 4,800 Dec 10%
Peloton 4,100 Feb 32%
Cisco 4,165 Nov 5%
Carvana 4,000 Nov 20%
Twitter 3,700 Nov 60%
Cazoo 3,500 Jun 30%
GoPuff 2,200 Oct 13% 2,000 Oct 40%
Microsoft 1,800 Jul 1%
Redfin 1,310 Nov 13%
Snapchat 1,280 Aug 20%
DoorDash 1,250 Nov 7%
Ola 1,200 Sept 40%
Robinhood 1,120 Aug 23%
Lacework 1,100 May 20%
Coinbase 1,100 Jun 18%
Noom 1,095 April 10%
Stripe 1,050 Nov 14%
Salesforce 1,000 Nov 1.3%
Shopify 1,000 Jul 10%
OneTrust 950 Jun 25%
Wayfair 870 Aug 5%
Rivian 840 Jul 6%
GoHealth 800 Aug 20%
Twilio 800 Sep 11%
Lyft 760 Nov 13%
Reef 750 May 5%
Klarna 700 Sept 10%
DocuSign 671 Sept 9%
Vroom 670 Aug 14%
HelloFresh 611 Oct N/A
Gannett 600 Dec 6%
Opendoor 550 Nov 18%
GroupOn 500 Aug 44%
Netflix 450 May 2%
Hootsuite 400 Aug 30%
Cerebral 400 Oct 20%
MindBody 400 Oct N/A
Juul 400 Nov 30%
Pluralsight 400 Dec 20%
Zendesk 350 Nov 5%
UnAcademy 350 Nov 10%
Freshly 329 Dec N/A
Zillow 300 Oct 25%
Nuro 300 Nov 20%
Plaid 260 Dec 20%
AirTable 254 Dec 20% 225 Nov 25%
Oracle 201 Dec >1%
Unity 200 Jun 4%
Beyond Meat 200 Oct 19%
Roku 200 Nov 7%
Buzzfeed 180 Dec 12%
PolicyGenius 170 Jun 25%
Chime 160 Nov 12%
Thumbtack 160 Dec 14%
Asana 144 Nov 9%
GoodRx 140 Nov 16%
Upstart 140 Nov 7%
Dapper Labs 135 Nov 22%
StockX 120 Jun 5%
MasterClass 120 Jun 20%
TikTok 100 July 1%
Patreon 80 Sept 17%

Companies started to tighten their belts earlier in the year as restructurings and workforce reductions but really accelerated the second half of the year as straight layoffs. Tthe vast majority of the major layoffs from the bigger-name recognizable companies occurring in August and September, but really peaked (so far) in October and November especially with Meta laying off 11,000 of their members and Salesforce – San Francisco’s biggest employer – going through a rare wave of layoffs.

In October and a week into November, Meta, Salesforce, Stripe, GoPuff and Twitter announced layoffs that totaled nearly 20,000 tech employees alone. With continued uncertainty about how the economy will recover this may not be the worst of the layoffs.

What About Google, Amazon and Apple?

The remaining big (HUGE) tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple haven’t announced any large workforce reductions. Google recently released earnings that showed weakness in their business and their CEO is looking to cut costs by 20% that could include layoffs in the future.

* Despite reports of layoffs from Amazon, they’re not confirmed. This may be due to a comment made during their earnings call, the big tech company mentioned that it’s adding jobs at the slowest rate in years. Amazon was relying on natural attrition to shrink its staff across all levels The Mercury News reported that Amazon now has about 100,000 fewer employees than in the previous quarter.

The e-commerce giant’s bottom line is most directly connected to consumer spending, so if the populace is being laid off and anxious about their money, it’s a matter of time before Amazon has to respond to ensure their viability and profits. Update: Amazon announces biggest layoffs.

Apple seems to be the best positioned to make it out of this mostly intact though Apple can certainly expect to see fewer people upgrading their $1000 iPhones in a recession.

If all the different economic factors continue trending downward, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear these larger companies announcing layoffs.

Thanks to Protocol and Layoffs.FYI for the all the great research they’ve done chronicling (and doing the math) on the tech layoffs this year. Highly recommend checking out their comprehensive coverage.

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Dreamforce started out as an “user and developer conference” focusing on SaaS (software as a service) to one of the largest technology events in the world.

The nearly week-long event has been around now for over a dozen years growing from 1,300 attendees in it’s first year to well over 100,000 (and attendance continues to grow!). And in that time, the conference has become more than cloud computing and sales: it’s expanded into customer service, marketing, analytics, social media and more.

Not just that, but the annual Salesforce event has steadily attracted bigger and bigger names to deliver their yearly keynote address as well as bringing in popular bands to perform for the attendees.

Here’s a list of all the bands and musicians that have performed at Dreamforce, year by year:

Year # Band Band 2 Band 3 Music Festival
2003 1 David Vaskevitch
2004 2 Pride and Joy
2005 3 Grooveline Band
2006 4 Train
2007 5 INXS
2008 6 The Foo Fighters
2009 7 The Black Crowes
2010 8 Stevie Wonder Will.I.Am
2011 9 Metallica M.C. Hammer Will.I.Am
2012 10 The Red Hot Chili Peppers Lady Antebellum yes
2013 11 Green Day Blondie* yes
2014 12 Bruno Mars Cake - yes
2015 13 Foo Fighters The Killers Gary Clark Jr. yes
2016 14 U2 - -
2017 15 Alicia Keys Lenny Kravitz -
2018 16 Metallica - -
2019 17 Fleetwood Mac - -
2020 18 [Virtual N/A] - -
2021 19 Foo Fighters - -
2022 20 The Red Hot Chili Peppers - -

* For some reason, 2013 was a much larger musical event than most other years. In addition to Green Day, the Dreamforce musical event was combined a benefit with UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital held at AT&T Park. Blondie also played that night as well as Huey Lewis & The News making a surprise appearance. Also in 2013, Tony Bennett with Jerry Seinfield performed at a private party hosted by Benioff.

The first year of Dreamforce was obviously a smaller affair. Because the event was on a much smaller scale, it mostly focused on the business side of things as opposed to the conference today.

For a corporate event, it’s shocking see successful bands such as Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Foo Fighters and Metallica put their reputations on the line for a a couple hundred thousand.

It may be because Salesforce has shown that it’s a company with a conscience (U2 recently partnered with Salesforce).

Not that these bands are playing for free, but they’re more likely to play a business event like this when the company is reputable.

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