Southwest Airlines’ “Wedding Dancer” commercials are the best

Every year during the spring and summer months, friends and family, bridesmaids and groomsmens crisscross the United States for wedding season.

In honor of this year’s matrimonial season, Southwest Airlines put out a couple funny commercials featuring a gal dancing real crazy at the various wedding parties. You know, just going for it; “Stays in Vegas” kind of dancing.

The soundtrack of the ad are the 1990’s hip hop songs that find their way onto many wedding party playlists including “Poison” by Bell Biv Devoe, “Bust a Move” by Young MC, and Salt ‘N’ Pepa’ “Push It“.

Ah, these two commercials make me smile. Crazy girl decked out in wedding garb dancing nutty to hip hop? GOLD.

So who is that wedding dancer girl in the Southwest “Wedding Season” ad? That actress is Alice Wetterlund according to Tumblr.

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