Video: Jeremy Lin blocks Draymond Green’s layup into the stands

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Against the Golden State Warriors, the 6-3 Jeremy Lin chased down the 6-7 Draymond Green for a shocking block.

Yes, the play started with Lin’s turnover, but that doesn’t make the block any less awesome. Draymond Green picked up a loose ball after a poorly-executed pick-and-roll with Carlos Boozer. Green bolted down the floor as Lin gave chase. Right as he begins his two steps to the basket, Green slows up just a tad, taking off a little early; allowing Lin to catch up and measure Green’s attempt:

Lin timed Green’s left-handed layup perfectly, swatting it out of bounds to the shock of everyone in the building and those watching at home.

For as cool as everyone seemed after the block, you know the players were all surprised by Lin emphatically sending Draymond’s shot out of bounds. Admit it, you were too.

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