Mozzarella dish at Barbone East Village

Deep fried hot dogs, pierogies, belgian fries, pizza napoletana and more in the East Village

January 23, 2014 - Food / New York

I’m posting the following video as more of a reminder to try some of Josh Ozersky’s recommendations for “Eating the East Village”

Ozersky goes over some of his favorite East Village restaurants including deep fried hot dogs at Crif Dogs, pierogies at Veselka, hot dogs at Katz’s Delicatessen, fries at Pomme Frites, pizza at Pizza Napoletana, as well as Jimmy’s No. 43 and Barbone.

I’m a quarter embarrassed and half excited that I haven’t been to any of the restaurants that Ozersky mentions in his video.

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  1. Deep fried hot dogs, pierogies, frites, pizza napoletana & more in East Village @KatzsDeli @CrifDogs @veselkanyc

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