Can Lyft Line eventually challenge public transportation?

Back in October 2014, I talked about how Line was a great way to cut your Lyft fares by half. Continue reading “Can Lyft Line eventually challenge public transportation?”

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Getting Around: San Francisco’s Diverse Transportation Options

San Francisco Transportation Options

Being new to New York, I am being constantly asked to compare New York with San Francisco. However, being just four months into it, I always reply with some version of “You can’t really compare the two”.

That said, there are some things I miss about San Francisco; my mom, my friends and the weather (sometimes) being three easy answers. And though it’s early, I can confidently say that I miss being in the atmosphere of change that technology brings to the Bay Area.

Technology has made San Francisco into testing ground for new ways of getting old things done; it has allowed easier access to relevant information and has forced more-traditional industries to re-examine how they’ve been doing business.

If you spend more than a couple days in San Francisco, that is most apparent in the number of transportation choices you have. Continue reading “Getting Around: San Francisco’s Diverse Transportation Options”

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