Here’s 5 easy tactics to start paying down your debt fast

Debt is challenging to have, especially if you have high-interest debt. You may find it is intimidating to view your credit card statement each month, especially if you feel you aren’t making much progress toward the principal. The good news is there are a few ways to become more debt-free.

Consider a Loan

If much of your debt is from high-interest loans, it’s a good idea to consider consolidating it to a lower interest loan. That way, the dollars you put toward the loan will be going toward the principal, not just the interest. Taking out a personal loan from a private lender allows you to pay off the balance on your credit cards so you can get out of high-interest debt sooner.

Bringing in More Income

Of course, getting a higher paying job or working more hours isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially since it requires hard work. Still, even if working a second job or side hustle long-term isn’t sustainable for you, it can be a short-term solution while you are paying off debt. Getting a raise at work is one way of increasing income, especially if you have not recently met with your boss or had a review.

Speak about your work performance and ask what you can be working on to get a higher salary at some point. A side gig allows you to work as much or little as you want when you want to. That includes cleaning houses, walking dogs, doing freelance writing, or even taking part in market research online. The trick is to make sure all this extra income goes straight toward your debt and that you are not spending it.

Cutting out extra spending

If you are spending too much money, you may find there is not enough left at the end of the month to meet your obligations. Review small, regular transactions, such as subscriptions or regular dining out, and think about whether or not you really need these things. Consider cutting corners where you can, such as purchasing store brands instead of name brands.

Encourage yourself to make these sometimes-difficult changes by telling yourself it is only for a short period of time, until you are able to get out of debt. This can be a good way to measure personal growth because you will have tangible results to support your efforts. Subscription services are always happy to have you resubscribe, and you can always go out to eat to celebrate getting out of debt.

Coming up with a reasonable budget

Whether it’s a monthly, weekly or daily budget, knowing where each dollar is going so you can make sure you are living on the bare minimum. With a budget, you will become more financially secure since you will be keeping track of all recurring expenses, such as insurance, rent, utilities, transportation, food, and childcare.

Once you have created these categories, you will see how much extra you can put toward your loans. This should be a realistic budget so you will stick to it. For example, if you don’t allow yourself a realistic dollar amount for food each month, you may find yourself consistently going over budget.

Predicting your future expenses

When you have consistently and accurately budgeting out how much you are spending, you can begin to see a pattern of where your money is going and make adjustments. Maybe it’s cutting out a streaming service (or using a friend’s password), asking your landlord for $25 off your rent, or cooking at home as opposed to going out to eat. It might not have seemed like much when you didn’t have a budget, but after weeks and months of tracking your spending, you know that it adds up over time.


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The low budget guide to starting an online casino in Australia


Australia is one of the world’s biggest gambling markets. It is ranked 6th when it comes to the number of pokies within the country.

It is not uncommon to find a “pokie” machine no matter where you are, be it pubs, restaurants, hotels or casinos. The H2 Gambling Capita survey which looked at 200 countries, found Australia to have the greatest number of people that gamble.

So, if you are an entrepreneur looking to grab a slice of this multi-billion-dollar pie, here is a low budget guide to starting an online casino in Australia.

Analyze your competition

There are hundreds of online casinos that accept players from Australia. Before you dive into starting one of your own, it would be a great learning exercise to really dissect all the top online casinos for Australians and how they have become so popular. You need to look at the best practices of the online casinos dominating the Australian market (Click here to see who they are). Even though you have a much smaller budget, it does not mean you cannot compete.

Furthermore, for those on a shoe string budget, this initial research costs nothing but is worth a lot.

Getting a Gaming license

Some of the most popular gambling jurisdictions where you can apply for a license include the UK, Malta, Alderney, Isle of Man, Curacao and Gibraltar. If you want Australian players to consider your online casino, you simply cannot afford to offer an unlicensed service.

Choose a license which is well reputed such as one from the UKGC for example. The factors that you need to consider while choosing a license are reputability, validity and the cost of licensing. Even though you are on a low budget, a license is one of the key expenditures where you should not be too conservative about spending, especially if you are looking for a good response once your casino is launched.

Partner with the reputed software providers

Developing your own online casino software and games is not only cumbersome but also an expensive affair. Furthermore, players would much rather choose to play pokies from established game developers rather than play proprietary games from a relatively unknown, in-house development team.

Therefore, you can save time and money by simply sourcing your games and software from online casino software providers such as Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, Betsoft Gaming, iSoftBet, and Real Time Gaming, to name a few. Since Australian players are big on pokies, choose providers with the best pokies’ collections.

Website and theme development

The website is the face of your online casino. It dictates the first impression and the overall player experience. A website that looks modern and immersive will go a long way in attracting players and getting them to sign up. The latest trend is not to overuse graphical elements, but rather keep the website looking minimal and clean with an easy to use information architecture.

Also, you want to think of a theme for your brand. May be you can have a mascot. Go through the themes that popular online casinos use for inspiration.

Another major factor which will determine the reception your online casino may receive is the type of promotions offered. Players love free stuff. Find a balanced promotional strategy which not only attracts new players and gets them to sign up (courtesy of welcome bonuses) but also rewards players that frequent your casino with regular promotions and a loyalty program with lots of perks.

Payment processing

Online casino players expect the most secure payments methods, but also want them to be quick and hassle free. In order to be competitive, your casino needs to support easy payments that are secure, cost virtually no processing fees and also quick withdrawals.

Thankfully, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to payment processing. There are tried and tested solutions which can be implemented. Sometimes, the software provider you are working with will take of care of payment processing.

Ensure that the casino supports various payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, eWallets and even Bitcoins if your budget permits. Providing support for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Neosurf and POLi, can make it most convenient for your members. What is also important is that the casino supports various currencies, especially the Australian Dollar. Players having to go through currency conversion not supported by the casino is a big deal breaker. So, if you plan to operate in markets other than Australia, ensure the relevant currencies are supported by your casino.


Here are a few areas you cannot afford to compromise on if you want to operate a casino worth its salt.

• A reputed casino license
• Partnering with well-known game providers
• Implementing secure and fast payment solutions
• Development of a good looking and intuitive website

However, the one area where your budget will determine how far you go is marketing. The world of online casino marketing if full of tools and marketing channels. This could be SEO, promotions and bonuses, social media marketing, and affiliate site marketing.

Marketing is crucial to get your online casino noticed and bring in the players that it deserves.

To be honest, don’t be obsessed with making a profit right at the start. It could take a year or two to settle down. Just focus on offering some generous bonuses and host a load of promotions throughout the year. This is what will eventually bring in the profits.

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Here’s 9 reasons you should choose to stay at the Bay Bridge Inn in San Francisco

I’ve stayed in dozens of cheap hotels/motels in my life; a line-up of Motel 6s, Econo Lodges and America’s Best Value Inns to keep the cost of accommodations low on vacations. Continue reading “Here’s 9 reasons you should choose to stay at the Bay Bridge Inn in San Francisco”

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