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Like it’s more popular, drug-addled brother, Sinemia is a movie membership that gives it’s active users the ability to see multiple movies per month for a flat fee.

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Even with the additional fees that the Sinemia has implemented on top of the monthly fee, if you see at least a couple movies per month, the subscription price more than pays for those tickets. In fact, Sinemia’s pricing plans are a steal when comparing it to paying retail for the same movie tickets at the box office.

And as we all witnessed the rise, then the fall of MoviePass, we expect more users to jump ship to Sinemia (and AMC’s A-List service), so why not save up to $20 when you sign up using this Sinemia promo code?.

Why Sinemia is Better than MoviePass, AMC’s A-List

With so many options, why choose Sinemia?  How does Sinemia beat out MoviePass and AMC’s service plan? It basically comes down to pricing and availability of the theater and films. We’ll keep the comparison simple:

When comparing to MoviePass, Sinemia’s prices may be similar, but the company doesn’t limit the films you can see. The last couple months I used MoviePass, it was frustrating finding the film(s) I wanted to see. Often, I ran into the dreaded “no more screenings available” message when looking at the four nearest movie theaters. That got old really fast.

And though AMC’s A-List is a great option, the $20 per month pricing is higher than the lower-tiered Sinemia’s pricing plans. AMC also plans on raising their prices in 16 states starting next year. Sinemia also beats AMC in that unless you’re only near an AMC movie theater, plan on seeing several Hollywood studio films, AMC’s A-List can be limiting.

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That all comes down to a much lower price than A-List. With Sinemia, you can see up to 3 movies per month for 8.99 per month!

Sinemia allows its members to see both major blockbusters, limited releases and the smallest independent films movies. There’s no limit on the theaters you can go to nor the films you want to see – though with the most popular plans, you can only see three movies per month (which is fine by most movie viewers)

Sinemia’s Alternate Pricing Plans

And to ensure they’re covering all their bases, Sinemia has announced plans for families and power-users over the last three months.

With the company’s family plans, you and your partner and your kids can all enjoy a movie day; Sinemia allows up to six family members for one flat fee. Choose between 1-3 family movie days per month with Sinemia’s options. The rub is you have to use the plan with all the members, meaning if you go with just four of your six members one day, you don’t get credit for the two that didn’t go. That counts against your day usage.

Just last week, Sinemia announced a modified-unlimited plan; one that’s limited to weekday viewings! You can pay just $4 for one weekday per month, or $23.99 (as referenced above) so you can watch one movie per weekday for an entire month. Obviously, the rub is that the plan doesn’t include weekend days.

Though their app sucks and there’s a new $2 service fee, Sinemia is still worthwhile. Get started with this Sinemia coupon code today with up to $20 off your membership!

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