How to prepare for Microsoft 70-533 Certification exam

Are you scheduled to take the Microsoft 70-533 exam? In this post, we will highlight most the information needed to prepare and pass the exam. Let’s get started! Where do you get more information about the Microsoft 70-533 Certification exam?

You can get all the information of the available Microsoft 70-533 Certification exam associatedwith Cloud platform and infrastructure on the Microsoft Certification official site. The Cloud Platform proficiency is intended for those looking to take advantage of the rising demand for infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) services built on Microsoft Azure.

The Cloud Computing Certifications offered by Microsoft

The main aim of this certification is to certify that you are equipped with the required skills to execute a highly efficient and latest data center with proficiency in cloud solutions, identity administration, system administration, virtualization, storage, and networking.

These are the available Microsoft Azure Certifications:

  • MTA: IT InfrastructureMicrosoft Technology Associate– fundamental level.
  • MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert – entry level.
  • MCSA: Cloud Platform Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate – professional level.

There are many study resources that are available on the links above. You can also get a complete Azure certification training course to gain knowledge for each Azure Certification exam.
The intended candidates for this exam
Suitable candidates for the Microsoft 70-533 exam are:

·       Candidates eligible for this exam must be proficient in executing an infrastructure service in Microsoft Azure.
·       Candidates with an understanding in executing and monitoring cloud as well as hybrid services.
·       Candidates who are knowledgeable about sustaining application lifecycle administration.

The Microsoft 70-533 exam tests on topics as Planning and executing Azure App Solutions, planning and administering Azure Resource Manager Virtual Equipment, creating and executing a storage plan, executing an Azure Directory, executing virtual networks as well as creating and installing ARM outlines.It is highly recommended that a student must have hands-on experience.

The skills measured during the Microsoft 70-533 exam.

The Microsoft Azure 70-533 VCE Dumps tests your proficiency to handle the technical assignments compiled below. The percentages show the comparativeweight of every important topic category on the exam. If you find a topic with a higher percentage, it means that topic will have many questions that will be tested on the exam.

  • Planning and executing Azure App Solutions – (10–15%)
  • Planning and administering Azure Resource Manager Virtual Equipment- (20–25%)
  • Creating and executing a storage plan – (10–15%)
  • Executing an Azure Directory – (15–20%)
  • Executing virtual networks as well as creating and installing ARM outlines – (10–15%)

The Microsoft 70-533 certification examinationtraining guide is available at official website of Microsoft. It is highly recommended for a candidate to go through the whole exam preparation guide and get familiar with the materials on the platform before you get ready for the exam.

The registration process for the Micro 70-533 certification exam

To register for Microsoft 70-533 certification exams, you need to do it on the Microsoft webpage. Here, you will design your profile and follow the exam registration process. Note that creating a Microsoft profile is crucial as you cannot register without a profile.

Online Proctored Exam

The Online Proctored exam gives you an opportunity to take the exam while in a comfortable environment either at home or in your office, however, during the exam, you are supervised by a proctor through webcam. You must ensure to do a test beforehand to know if your machine and location are well-matched with the digital proctoring application and then plan your exam. Note that you must ensure the exam is accessible in your region for connected proctored provision. Get more details of the exam at the Microsoft webpage

The language supported by the exam

All Microsoft exams are tested in English. The exams are tested in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Germany, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian. However, it is good to check the details related to the individual Azure Certification Exam website.

A summary of the Microsoft 70-533 exam

Below is a summary of the exam:

  • Severalselect questions – Around 60 questions;
  • The exam takes 2 hours to complete;
  • No preconditions;
  • It is advisable to take the Executing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions before you plan the exam.

The test item format followed by the Microsoft 70-533 exam

  • Multiple-choice questions: The candidate chooses one possibility that relates appropriately to the questions or accomplishes a statement.
  • Multiple-response: The candidate chooses several options that best provide answers to the questions.
  • Simple Directions: The candidate reviews the questions then from the answer selections, chooses an option that characterizes the suitable answers provided in the information.

To obtain more information concerning the exam questions, it is recommended to assess the Microsoft examination guiding principle. Note that Microsoft will not provide the format that is followed when it comes to the representation of the Microsoft 70-533 exam. Microsoft applauds eligible candidates to acquirepractical experience with the exam and make use of the itemized training materials.

What to do if you fail?

Can a candidate retake the exam in case they fail? Are there additional fees for the exam retake?

If you take the Microsoft 70-533 and you fail, you may redo the exam topic but with the below conditions.

  • You must stay for 2 weeks from the date you failed the exam
  • You have opportunities up to 3 times a year to retake the exam from the date you took the exam the first time.
  • You will need to pay the exam fee for every exam retake.

It is also good to note that if you cancel or change the date of your registered exam within 5 business days, you will pay a fee. If you fail to avail yourself for your exam appointment or if you do not change the dates or cancel your exam appointment within 24 hours before your scheduled exam you will lose the whole exam fee you paid. Visit the Microsoft webpageto learn more about the Microsoft 70-533 exam policy.


The information presented here is helpful for eligible candidates wanting to prepare for Microsoft 70-533 exam. Ensure to prepare well, research and use the available study resources available at the official Microsoft webpage and don’t be afraid. You can always retake the exam in case you fail but for a fee. Good luck!

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