How to save voicemails to MP3 on Verizon

What I Found Out Today: If you’re like me, then you have a healthy obsession with Jeremy Lin. On top of that, you’ve saved many of your funny voicemails.

Like me, you tire of having to re-save all your funny voicemails every 30 days or so. It only takes 3 minutes to re-save them all, but it’s annoying. If you’re anything like me, you don’t like being annoyed. I’m so glad we get along.

If you’re like me, you have Verizon. And sometime in the last couple years, Big Red disabled the ability for you to save your voicemails (via visual voicemail) as MP3s. Instead, they now recommend a third party company to get copies of your voicemail. Well, fuck that. Continue reading “How to save voicemails to MP3 on Verizon”

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Start an embedded YouTube video at a specific time

Start Embeded YouTube at Certain Time

What I Found Out today: You can embed YouTube videos with a specific start and end time. Something I never needed to do until today.

If you’re looking to embed a Youtube video onto your site and would like to have it start or end at a particular point in the video, don’t follow Google’s instructions, it’s outdated info. Previously, Google/Youtube supported code that looked something like “#t=2m01s”

Don’t do that. It won’t work anymore. Continue reading “Start an embedded YouTube video at a specific time”

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