R.I.P. ‘The Bold Italic’ closes up shop, ceases publication

Even though I found The Bold Italic of the last couple years annoying, I never wanted them to shut down as the online magazine announced today in a short post: Continue reading “R.I.P. ‘The Bold Italic’ closes up shop, ceases publication”

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In memory of MARK AGUHAR 1987-2012


Two years ago, I clicked through to a tumblr with the tagline “BLOGGING FOR BROWN GURLS” that my friend had recommended on Facebook.

The next thing I knew I was at the beginning; having spent a couple hours scrolling backwards through hundreds of fascinating, angry, hilarious, soul-baring, gender bending posts. I checked the site a couple more times over the next several months. Continue reading “In memory of MARK AGUHAR 1987-2012”

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