Jeremy Lin, Rockets go BASKETBALLISTIC vs. Warriors

I know I am not the most credible person to give truthful critiques of Jeremy Lin, but…. MAN JEREMY LIN WAS PRETTY AWESOME TONIGHT! Against the Golden State Warriors, one of the teams that released him before he went basketballistic on the whole fucking world last year, he scored 28 points, hitting 5-8 threes, and passed for 9 assists.

God, I love long sentences and Jeremy Lin. I love Jeremy Lin video highlights even more.

I’m not going to say it I’m not going to say it…. fuck it… Lin’s performance tonight comes one year (+one day) when he came off the bench in the breakout game that gave birth to that beautiful baby we refer to as Linsanity.

Oh, besides Jeremy Lin being BADAZZZ, the Houston Rockets hit 23/37 three pointers – tying the NBA all-time record and their 140 points is a Toyota Center record.

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Eric Bledsoe is a specimen (Bledsoe vs. Lin tonight)

In a league of athletes, Eric Bledsoe stands out. He’s fast, quick (they’re different), can jump, is strong as an ox, and most importantly, he is aggressive.

Eric Bledsoe of the Los Angeles Clippers

Don’t let the smile fool you. Eric Bledsoe will kill you; he will dunk on you. He’ll block Dwayne Wade. You’ll go up for a layup, Bledsoe will go to lunch, take a nap, and come back to block your shot.

He’ll steal it from you. He’ll beat you down the court. Eric Bledsoe is a specimen. I pray for Jeremy Lin tonight.

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