The Fashion Stylingz of San Francisco’s Chinatown

One of my favorite local sites, The Bold Italic, posted a story today about the fashion stylings of the Chinatown set in San Francisco.

The author, Valerie Luu, wrote Continue reading “The Fashion Stylingz of San Francisco’s Chinatown”

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Guy checks out woman’s ass and it’s cool until he find out it’s a man

File under: why? I’ve always appreciated the way women compliment each other’s physical attributes without fear that their sexuality will be challenged, and if it is, they don’t care. It’s just built into the way women interact and it’s socially acceptable. Continue reading “Guy checks out woman’s ass and it’s cool until he find out it’s a man”

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David Letterman vs. Leno, Madonna, Joaquin Phoenix

I love David Letterman. Six months in New York and I just realized that I could watch the Late Show with David Letterman live. Continue reading “David Letterman vs. Leno, Madonna, Joaquin Phoenix”

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Video: 365 Days of Penis Drawings

Sorry, I know this video is super crass, but it’s hilarious. Flat out. I mean it’s a 3 minute video montage of 365 whiteboard drawings of penises – one creative dick a day for an entire year. A penis butterfly? A guy pooping out a penis? Continue reading “Video: 365 Days of Penis Drawings”

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Joe Wong livens up RATC Dinner, C-Span 2

Comedian Joe Wong at Radio TV Correspondents Dinner with Joe Biden

I’m a couple years behind on this, but I didn’t have a blog in 2010, so cut me some slack. Here’s a video of Joe Wong killing it at the 2010 Radio and Television Correspondents’ Dinner. Wong goes on for about 15 minutes without breaking his deadpan delivery.

Continue reading “Joe Wong livens up RATC Dinner, C-Span 2”

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Conan, Cube, Kevin Hart, Gandalf, and Cell Phone Crashing at JFK

Despite being on Facebook and on the internet a lot, I never take the time to watch those youtube memes that cross along pop culture. Luckily, I had a three hour delay at JFK on Sunday night, and these videos helped me pass the time…

Cell Phone Crashing… not sure how the guy keeps a straight face

Conan, Ice Cube, Kevin Hart take a Lyft… 9 minutes long with about three minutes of hilarity that’s worth waiting for

Gandalf: You Shall Not Pass prank… this is so ridiculous that I can’t believe someone hasn’t done this before/I haven’t seen this

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