Deciphering the ‘Indian Head Nod’ or SE Asian side-to-side ‘Head Shake’

India was easily the most challenging country I’ve ever visited. It was sensory overload and culturally, it was unlike any place I’ve ever experienced.

One of the many cultural customs that my ex-boyfriend and I struggled with most were the non-verbal, side-to-side head nods Continue reading “Deciphering the ‘Indian Head Nod’ or SE Asian side-to-side ‘Head Shake’”

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Frontier Sucks: Confu$ing Fare Option$$$$

> TL;DR: Follow your gut.


Frontier Airlines SUCKS, and it will cost you
As I was browsing flights back home from Dreamforce, I saw that Frontier Airlines had a flight that was best suited to my preferred schedule (sleeping in).

I was hesitant to book it because I had a faint memory of a negative experience with Frontier that happened sometime between 8 months and 7 years ago. Something rubbed me the wrong way back then, but somehow (alcohol) my memory of that incident escaped me. So despite my gut (alcohol), I booked the Frontier flight. Continue reading “Frontier Sucks: Confu$ing Fare Option$$$$”

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Show Me What You Got

Money on a stick - on our way to Agra
On our way to see the Taj Mahal, our driver pulled the car over to buy some water. I was in the back seat minding my own business. I wasn’t looking out my window, but was looking toward the street, when I heard a tapping on my window.

I turned to see this man, half-smiling at me, and carrying a stick. He stared at me with his frozen smirk/smile for a couple seconds before tapping his stick.

Out of sight was a huge monkey/monster that was leashed to the stick. The monkey jumps up to the top of the stick and scared the hell out of me.

The man smiled. I smiled. He extended his hand for rupees. He got rupees.

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