List of 52 Amazon Echo phrases and commands that moms can use (updated)

This Christmas I got my mom an Amazon Echo Dot. And like a good son that I am, I wanted her to have the power of the internet at her disposal. Continue reading “List of 52 Amazon Echo phrases and commands that moms can use (updated)”

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My mom isn’t surprised that the Cavs beat the Warriors (again)

In the late 1980’s, my sister and I took an interest in basketball. With NBA on the television all the time, my mom also became a hoops fan (in addition to loving Knots Landing). Continue reading “My mom isn’t surprised that the Cavs beat the Warriors (again)”

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How I used to find friends for my Chinese mom

My mom has lived in San Francisco for over five years. Despite her being in Chinatown every single day of the week and somewhat outgoing personality, she still struggles to find like-minded Chinese friends in the city. Continue reading “How I used to find friends for my Chinese mom”

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The Chinese restaurant as the gateway to the “American Dream”

My family owned a Chinese restaurant in Plymouth, Michigan for more than 35 years. It was their livelihood and played a large part in our lives.   Continue reading “The Chinese restaurant as the gateway to the “American Dream””

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Mom Chronicles #61: That’s Not Art

Mom Chonicles #61: Near the Highline, we came across a structure under construction that was designed to give the feeling as if it was leaning. My mom took one look at the building’s skeleton and was dumbstruck that someone would deliberately create something new to look flawed…

*Image not taken during exact moment, but from the same day!

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Mom Chronicles #14: If It Look Like Iron

Mom Chronicles #14: If it looks like an iron and smells like an iron, it must be a steamer.

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Mom Chronicles #44: Hoarding Plastic Bags

Mom Chronicles #44: In 2007, San Francisco banned large grocery stores and supermarkets (Safeway, Walgreens, etc.) from using plastic bags. Then in Oct 2012, all retail stores (Target, Macy’s) began charging 10 cent per paper bag. This was a huge hit to my mom’s lifestyle choice – hoarding bags went from “resourceful” to a necessity of life.

Hoard your plastic bags and put them in re-purposed containers and jars.

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Mom Chronicles #16: Prancercising

Mom Chronicles #16: Seriously, my mom invented pracercising; she’s been prancercising in public for at least a decade, if not more. If you’re in San Francisco and ride the bus, you might be lucky enough to catch her moves while she waits at the bus stop.

Here she is prancercising in Golden Gate Park wearing one of her (and your) favorite pants.

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Mom Chronicles #55: Serious Hood

Mom Chronicles #55: As you guys can tell by previous chronicles, my mom is a fashion plate. She is serious hood.

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Mom Chronicles #3: Happy Mother’s Day?

Mom Chronicles #3: I was out of town during Mother’s Day and sent a thoughtful text to wish my mom a “Happy Mother’s Day” – only to find that no Mother’s Day is happy when the second TV is on the fritz.
Happy Mothers Day... not so fast, the TV is broken

Original Facebook Post:

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Mom Chronicles #1: HOPE

Mom Chronicles #1: As with her pants, my mom’s politics are also on point.

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Mom Chronicles #24: Mahjong Money Time!

Mom Chronicles #24: You know how the golf community didn’t like how Tiger Woods would pump his fist after a good shot – that his celebration was disrespecting the game? Let’s just say the mahjong community wouldn’t be happy with my mom’s celebratory practices. Everyone likes winning, especially my mom.

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