Did WeWork at 115 West 18th Street Close? Unfortunately, Yes…

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Strategically situated between the Flatiron district and Chelsea, 115 West 18th Street was home to one of WeWork’s innovative coworking spaces. Starting out as one of WeWork’s headquarters, this location turned into a WeWork location that was opened to WeWork All-Access members some time in 2020. Before the pandemic was a great time for WeWork, but times have changed and in November 2023 WeWork finally filed for bankruptcy.

WeWork at 115 West 18th Street

Occupying a prime position in Manhattan, 115 West 18th Street near Sixth Avenue (Avenue of Americas), this Flatiron/Chelsea WeWork location provided easy access to dining, shopping, and entertainment options in the area. The area is a hub for tech and creative industries, making it an ideal location for co-working, networking and start-ups interested in growing their business. The building’s address is walkable from Union Square and near major subway lines  also ensures convenient commutes for members.

Inside, the WeWork space embodies a design ethos that blends comfort with professionalism. Spread across multiple floors, 115 West 18th Street featured an array of open-plan workspaces, private offices, and meeting rooms, all outfitted with stylish, contemporary furnishings. The interiors are designed to inspire, with art-filled lounges, sleek communal areas, and ample natural light creating an inviting atmosphere. Like all locations, there was seamless high-speed internet, printing services, private phone booths, and daily cleaning services.

Did 115 West 18th WeWork Location Close?

If 115 West 18th wasn’t your primary location, you might have stopped by only to find it wasn’t available anymore. If you were hoping to work at the location then you were unaware that on January 6th, 2024 some All-Access members received an email from WeWork with the following information:

“WeWork regularly reviews our real estate portfolio to ensure we provide members with the best possible workspace solutions in locations that support an exceptional member experience. In line with that effort, WeWork at 115 W 18th Street will no longer be available for booking through WeWork All Access after January 26th.”

I was bummed when I saw this. I’m still saddened by another recent closing of my preferred WeWork in San Francisco when 1460 Mission St. closed in late 2022.

It wasn’t clear if the entire building was closing or it was no longer open to All-Access members. Maybe the office space was rented and there was still hope that maybe eventually it would become open to book a desk in the future. I reached out about trying to book a desk before they closed and got this response from  a Community member:

…our booking capacity has been reduced this week due to the upcoming exit as we relocate our members. Tomorrow will be the last day for bookings…

So looks like the company couldn’t negotiate this lease in their bankruptcy, canceled it or just flat out refusing to pay.

WeWork at 115 West 18th Street wasn’t just a co-working work space; to many (including me) it was a place that many leaned on as their chosen office. With over 40 WeWork locations, it was one of a handful WW locations that offered an open floor plan, big windows, comfortable space and it was quiet even when the space was packed.

The essence of this WeWork location lies in its community-driven environment. Regular events, ranging from professional workshops to casual networking mixers, provide members with opportunities to connect, collaborate, and grow their businesses. The space attracts a diverse group of professionals, including startups, established companies, and individual freelancers, creating a dynamic and supportive community.

As someone that goes to a WeWork every work day, I’ll miss the 115 West 18th location.

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