Chick-Filationship: North Carolina Chick-fil-A Couple’s Unique Engagement Goes Viral

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Love blossomed in the unlikeliest of places for Sarah Love and Azeem Warthen, a couple whose romance blossomed amidst the hustle and bustle of their workplace at a local Durham Chick-fil-A. Their journey from co-workers to soulmates took a delightful turn when Warthen orchestrated a surprise proposal during a photo shoot, capturing a moment that has since captured the hearts of thousands online. See the viral video below:

The story of their romance, which unfolded at Chick-fil-A’s CFAROX branch in 2021, is nothing short of heartwarming. According to this Facebook post, after two years of working together laid the foundation for a bond that transcended the professional realm. Chick-fil-A even affectionately referred to their relationship as a “Chick-fil-ationship,” marking every milestone with a touch of humor and warmth.

Their engagement announcement, shared on social media on January 5th, quickly became a sensation, with over 63,000 likes and an outpouring of support from well-wishers and North Carolina sportsbooks. The captivating moment of Warthen’s proposal, captured alongside the iconic Chick-fil-A signage, struck a chord, resonating far beyond the confines of their red and white workplace.

Reflecting on their journey, Warthen and Love shared insights into how their shared experiences at work enriched their relationship. Working together provided them with a unique perspective into each other’s personalities, fostering understanding and growth both on and off the clock.

“Learning how each other works inside of work and outside work has given us the opportunity to grow together,” Warthen expressed, highlighting the depth of their connection. Love echoed his sentiment, emphasizing how their differences and occasional clashes only served to strengthen their bond.

The pivotal moment that sealed their fate occurred during a mundane task at work, as recounted by Warthen.

“So I’m putting fries in a bag, and we kind of get a glance in each other’s eyes, and we pause for a second. I look at her like we always look at everyone in their eyes, and then that special moment to me that I knew, like, I think I should pursue this. I think I should pursue this,” Azeem explained to WSOC.

That simple exchange of glances over a bag of fries ignited a spark, prompting him to realize the depth of his feelings for Love. It was this serendipitous moment that propelled him towards the decision to propose, setting the stage for a surprise that would leave Love utterly speechless.

The Chick-Fil-A Engagament

On New Year’s Eve, amidst preparations for what Love believed to be a typical celebration, Warthen orchestrated a masterful surprise. With a photo shoot set up next to a garage door, he seized the perfect opportunity to declare his love. As the garage door lifted, revealing Warthen on bended knee, Love was overcome with emotion, humorously sealing her acceptance with a playful twist on Chick-fil-A’s signature phrase, “I do.”

Looking towards the future, the couple has set their sights on a September wedding, a day carefully chosen to coincide with Chick-fil-A’s day of rest. By selecting a Sunday for their nuptials, they ensure that their Chick-fil-A family can join in the celebration, underscoring the profound impact their workplace has had on their lives.

In an age where love stories often unfold in the most unexpected of places, Sarah Love and Azeem Warthen’s journey serves as a heartening reminder that true love knows no bounds, even amidst the familiar backdrop of a fast-food restaurant. Their unique engagement stands as a testament to the power of love, laughter, and the joy found in life’s simplest moments.

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