These are the 9 best universities to study computer programming

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Computer programming is a wide and exciting field with a lot of career options. It prepares developers, support specialists, engineers, and data security professionals. It is all about bringing innovation and technology together for better living.

If you are dreaming of getting into STEM/Computer science, it is worth looking into strong programs available. There are many amazing universities and colleges all over the world that have such curriculums. Mostly they allow you to get a Bachelor’s Degree, but some also ensure postgraduate studies.

Although going to one of the top schools is desirable for many, some might have doubts about it. First of all, the competition to get in is usually high. Secondly, one might worry that they won’t be able to cope with the academic load. But such fear shouldn’t stop you from trying the best options. After all, there are many ways to get help with college assignments.

There are study groups, extracurricular activities, and peers to ask for advice. Also, one can ask for professional help from a credible thesis paper writing service online. Experienced academic writers can nail any type of college paper for you. They also give advice and offer samples for educational purposes. Whether you’ve forgotten about the deadline or simply need a little bit of rest, this is a perfect opportunity.

So the complexity of the curriculum shouldn’t stop students from getting into one of the best colleges in Computer Programming. Here are the top institutions in the world.

Stanford University, USA

Stanford has one of the oldest computer science programs out there (started 1965). It is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the world. And the STEM departments here are also top-notch. The faculty provides wide research opportunities and resources for students. And they also have good prospects in terms of internships and future career options. After all, Stanford is located near Silicon Valley.

One can study computer systems, their principles, data structures, algorithms, electronics, and programming abstractions here. And it is also possible to get a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

This is one of the most respected universities in the world. And if you are into famous alumni facts, Albert Einstein studied here among other famous scientists.

The university offers outstanding research opportunities as well as well-structured and practical programs. There are both undergraduate and postgraduate programs available. International students are welcome here. For example, one can follow such MA programs as:

  • Neural System and Computation;
  • Electrical Engineering and IT;
  • Cyber Security;
  • Computational Science and Engineering;
  • Data Science;
  • Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

Overall, if you want to study in Europe, it is a solid choice.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

MIT is a famous name all over the world. It has amazing programs when it comes to innovation and quality. The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department is the largest undergraduate program here. It also has astonishing resources to offer to students in terms of research, practice, and internships.

One can follow flexible courses from mathematical computer theory to robotics and artificial intelligence.

The University of Twente, the Netherlands

This is the best technical university in the Netherlands according to the country’s ranking (Keuzegids Universiteiten). According to the Times ranking, it is among the 200 best institutions (8th place) globally in 2021. It doesn’t yet have as much publicity as others on this list. But it has a strong program and wide opportunities for students.

There are more than 12,000 students there and international learners are welcomed. There are both undergraduate and graduate courses available.

Technical University of Munich, Germany

This institution was founded in 1868 and remains one of the top players in terms of technology and innovation. It is huge in terms of the number of staff and students – about 44,000 learners are studying here. It offers courses in 132 specialties. So there is definitely something for everyone here.

It is known for breakthrough research and multidisciplinary approach. Medical, natural, and technical sciences all come together in one research.

California Institute of Technology, USA

This college has a practical approach to tech education as well as a solid mathematical foundation. It focuses on algorithmic rules of programming and gives exciting research resources. Not only can one engage in developing individual projects during the academic year. There is also a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship available.

And the schedule here is decently flexible, which is a great plus for choosing one’s track. Double majors are also possible. One can study robotics here, as well as databases, cyber security, and digital graphics. 

University of California Berkeley, USA

BA in Computer Science here opens a lot of opportunities to young professionals. It is hugely based on modern technology and relevant studies. It prepares students for innovative markets and long-term careers in various industries having to do with tech.

A bonus is the Basic Programming Skills program that allows working at entry-level positions. It is an equivalent of a minor that helps to get real-life experience.

One can be involved in many spheres of science here, from data and functional programming to Matlab for developers.

Peking University, China

It is the biggest higher education institution in China with 30 colleges and 12 faculties. There are undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses in multiple disciplines. It also has 216 research institutes and 2 engineering science centers. And it also has the biggest library in the whole of Asia. So the resources and opportunities here are astonishing.

There are about 35,000 students here and a decent percent of international learners. According to Times Higher Education, it is in 48th place globally.

University of Oxford, UK

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of Oxford. It is one of the oldest universities worldwide. And it is known for the quality of education. The Faculty here provides unique opportunities, for example, working along with industry leaders, such as Tim Berners-Lee. And one can complete BA here in 3 or 4 years, depending on their choice.

One can focus on computational game theory, machine learning, or AI 


There are not all amazing schools out there. But they are well-known and globally recognized for their programs and opportunities.  Although getting in one of them might not be very easy, the ability to learn from the best is worth the effort.

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