Citi Bike NYC updates app, introduces new functionality including “Scan to Unlock”

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You may have noticed the Citi Bike updated their app. Not only did the app get a makeover, but it the new release version introduces new functionality that will make your Citi Bike experience more convenient and easy. With your new upgraded Citi Bike account, here’s some of the latest and greatest improvements the company has made.

So what’s new with the new Citi Bike app? Here’s some of the new features and functionality.

  • More ebikes: Grab an ebike from more even places with our expanded fleet.
  • Better feedback: Rate your experience with bikes, rides, and stations in the app.
  • Help when you need it Ask questions and report issues right away right from the app.
  • Easy membership management Renew right from the app.

We love that they’ve added more e-bikes to their system, but we love how you can view which e-bike at the station has the most battery charge.

In addition, probably our favorite update to the app is adding the ability to unlock any bike with your phone. Yes all you have to do is scan the QR code on any bike, wait a couple seconds and the bike should unlock. No more 100% reliance on the keys or finding a station that will create you one.

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