Offer assistance to elderly neighbors during COVID-19 pandemic with Nextdoor’s “Help Map”

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Nextdoor has always insisted that “proximity matters” and the company is following through in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The company just released their interactive “Help Map,” an easy way for neighbors in need to ask for help, and for those that want to help can sign up and volunteer.

During this current COVID-19 pandemic where leaving the house can be life-threatening, there’s never been a more important time in our lifetime where it was so critical to step up and help out neighbors the most in need. Here’s more explanation from Nextdoor about their new Help Map coronavirus resource:

At Nextdoor, we’re working to keep families, friends, and neighbors safe — and connected. We’re inspired to see so many of you reach out with offers of help for those in need, or show your more vulnerable side by asking for help when you need it most. This is why we exist. And this is why it’s so important to help your neighbors connect with you on Nextdoor.

This week, we launched two new products to better help you connect right now.

The first feature we’ve launched will facilitate neighbors helping neighbors. It’s called Help Map. The Help Map allows those in need to easily identify which neighbors have raised a hand to assist with an errand — or just give a call to check in.

The second is Nextdoor Groups. Some of you may have used an early version of this tool to organize around shared interests like hiking or reading. We have officially launched Nextdoor Groups so neighbors can organize for those who may need assistance during this challenging time. In my neighborhood, we pulled together a group in the hopes of directing some kindness into our community as we feel the impact of social distancing.

It’s also worth noting that many areas now have guidelines in place on how best to interact, so please check with your local health officials to protect both yourself and your neighbors.

The Help Map was inspired when threads popped up on the site volunteering their services to the elderly, disabled and immuno-suppressed.

This is a great way to continue helping communities connect in this unprecedented time. So if you’re not showing symptoms and looking to help out your community, you can sign up for Nextdoor’s Heat Map. Please encourage others to join in so those that are most in need get the help they require.

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