Capsule is friendly, efficient and deliver your prescriptions for free – what’s not to like? My Capsule Pharmacy Review.

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Even though Capsule Pharmacy has a physical storefront in New York City, I’m never stepped foot into that actual pharmacy. So how can I be recommending Capsule Pharmacy? Have a seat and let me tell you about my experiences with the company.

My Capsule Pharmacy Review

I’d never used Kmart’s Pharmacy before, but I decided to send my prescription there because 1) I lived nearby and 2) they had one of the cheaper option (per GoodRx) for the medication I needed.

Without going into the details, I had a big problem with the way I was treated, so I needed to look for alternatives ASAP as I was running low on my prescription.

When I searched for alternatives, one brand that kept popping up was Capsule Pharmacy. To be honest, I never chose them in the past because their storefront was a little further than I wanted to travel, but considering everything, I gave them a deeper look.

I brought their business profile up on Google (as well as their price on GoodRx) and found that they had favorable reviews – nearly one thousand reviews and a 4.7 overall star rating. That’s a great sign.


Armed with a competitive price and a local presence, I decided to see what Capsule was all about.

Below I’ll break down my experience and review the advantages that makes Capsule Pharmacy stand out as the model modern pharmacy. Generally speaking, my experience with Capsule gave me an idea of what a pharmacy (or online pharmacy) can and should look like in the age of mobile phones, text messaging and our growing culture of convenience. Here’s my review of what really stood out to me.

Capsule’s Customer Service

I’ll get into the specifics of Capsule’s excellent customer service all through this post, so I’ll just say that every person I interacted with — from the person on the phone to the person texting me to the person that delivered my medication were really friendly.  In fact, I wish I remembered the person’s name from my initial call to Capsule, so I could call out her excellent service.

Capsule’s Text Messaging

It’s not groundbreaking to hear that a company’s customer service has a text messaging option. The difference between what I’ve experienced with other company’s messaging service to be impersonal and sterile. With Capsule, the messages I received were both refreshing and intimate.

When I called, the service person asked for my information to get the transfer started and directed me to register online. As we ended that initial call, the service person asked if I preferred that we communicate via call or text. I responded that I preferred text messaging.

What I expected was a bunch of automated form replies and templates, but later that day, I received the following message from Capsule:

When I responded that I didn’t know my doctor’s name, they were fine with that. Check out the screenshot of our  exchange.

Yes, this is an actual text message from an actual person.

Later on that day, I received this update:

Not only was it clear that there was another person on the other side and wasn’t some weird corporate template, Capsule was pro-actively reaching out to give me status of my transfer. That means I didn’t have to call in, wait on hold to ask for an update. Most companies wait until they have a solution or run into a problem before communicating with the customer, so Capsule’s thoughtfulness was really appreciated.

It didn’t end there

When they were finally able to get the prescription transferred (not surprised they had trouble considering my experience with that Kmart), I responded to their text after hours and asked if I could use a GoodRx coupon. This was their response the next morning.

Good morning, Stuart! Yes, we can definitely apply a GoodRx coupon to your prescription. Simply send us a picture of the GoodRx coupon you would like us to apply so that we may begin working on that for you.

I texted a screenshot of my Goodrx coupon to Capsule to which they immediately replied:

Perfect! We will process your prescription through the GoodRx coupon provided and contact you as soon as we have an update.Seriously, how great is that? Can you tell I was happy? Even better, the surprises didn’t end there. Later on, I received a text update that my prescription was “ready to order” in my account, so I visited and was impressed again.

Free prescription delivery

When I went into my account, I found that my prescription was ready. The next step was to schedule my medication to be delivered to my doorstep FREE. After all the great interactions I had and all the work Capsule did to transfer my prescription, this really was gratuitous. I was so grateful that I sent them another message:

After scheduling the delivery. The app allowed me to track the courier and the expected arrival time.

Not only was I able to track my prescription delivery in real-time, I received several text alerts from the courier as they left, their expected arrival and information as to what to expect when accepting the delivery.

And they delivered the medication in a discreet little brown bag sealed with foil tape.

As I mentioned above, Capsule Pharmacy is a model of what a modern pharmacy should look like. Not only did I not have to step foot in an actual pharmacy nor wait in line, I was able to transfer, order, and have my prescription delivered all from my phone. Once I gave Capsule my information, they took it from there. If you couldn’t tell from my experience, I recommend Capsule Pharmacy 100% —  I don’t have anything to complain about.


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  1. avatar
    Larry Kooper says:

    Thanks! I signed up for Capsule after reading your review. I got here by Googling Capsule and GoodRX, since it’s a little confusing applying the latter to the former.

    1. avatar
      stuart says:

      Oh so glad your experience was similar. I’ve use Capsule several more times since and their customer service has been on point (and delivery on time) each time.

  2. avatar
    Steve says:

    I live a couple of blocks north of you (based on that map). My current pharmacy – which I won’t name (they’re on First Avenue at 17th Street) has been in a death spiral. I appreciate your write-up, and I am going to try Capsule.

    But I wanted to ask you about tipping. I can’t believe a tip isn’t expected. Is that still your experience? I’m worried that I’ll feel a little awkward about it.

    1. avatar
      stuart says:

      Thanks for your note Steve. A couple years later and I still love capsule. Haven’t had a problem at all or had to physically step into an actual pharmacy in years. Not that most pharmacies aren’t fine, but delivery is a no-brainer for me.

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