Beware: Scammers texting as the New York DMV about “Real ID requirements” and asking you to “update contact (information)”

Over the last weeks, the DMV of New York City was made aware of scam text messages that were being texted to their customers. Here’s the email we received this morning alerting us to the scam and phishing text messages regarding “Real ID requirements” and customers needing to “update contact (information)” [blockquote]We are contacting you […]

WhatsApp: What does “this account was previously a business account” mean?

  In the modern world of instant gratification, JackpotCity online casino is your go-to destination for placing wagers. JackpotCity offers everything from table games to slots and poker with incredible welcome bonuses. However, when communicating with individuals and businesses, most people prefer texting more than calling. That’s why messaging apps like WhatsApp have decided to […]