The Shockingly Delicious Truth about the 7 Best NFL Stadium Foods

The game day offerings at NFL stadium concession stands sure aren’t what they used to be. Sure, you can still find a hot dog and popcorn if you’re old school, but you might be surprised by the artisanal gourmet sausage and craft Gruyere cheese popcorn.

In other words, stadium food around the NFL (and other leagues) is now an elevated affair. 

Not that we’re complaining, we love delicious eats. No offense against the standard hot dog, side of fries and Miller Lite for $25, but if we can get the a Vienna sausage, truffle fries, and craft beer for the same $25, no one would complain. Plus, the “classic” stadium nachos–stale tortilla chips that felt and tasted like old baseball cards with a side cup of orange-tinted dried glue–well, it was time for those to go.  We’ve explored some of the best fan-favorite foods from NFL stadiums across the league, here’s the seven best in no particular order:

Battle Red Tacos
NRG Stadium – Houston, Texas
NFL Team: Houston Texans

Plain ol’ chicken tenders fried to perfection are delicious at 5 years old and 95 years old.  But the Battle Red Tacos by the chefs at NRG Stadium go above and beyond. These are chicken tenders encrusted in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos (a similar idea to the Doritos Locos tacos from Taco Bell) topped with Sriracha mayo and mango salsa. 

The spicy flavor explosion is then packed conveniently inside a flour tortilla, guaranteeing ultimate taste and portability. 

DMV Super Burrito
FedExField – Landover, Maryland
NFL Team: Washington Redskins

Weighing in at five pounds, the football-sized Super Burrito at FedExField is almost as big as the DMV–the local moniker for the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area of the nation’s capital.

The Super Burrito is comprised of three pounds of chicken, a half-smoked sausage, and two pounds of lettuce, Spanish rice, avocado, tomato, and black bean salsa.  This is a shareable item for sure, you might just make an entire stadium of new friends when you show up at your seat carrying one of these bad boys. 

Pack ‘n Cheese 
Lambeau Field – Green Bay, Wisconsin
NFL Team: Green Bay Packers

Wisconsinites are known as Cheeseheads and Packers fans proudly sport cheese hats on game day. 

It’s no surprise that Labeau Field’s signature concession item is the appropriately named Pack ‘n Cheese. Made with Wisconsin cheddar, this spin on the comfort classic comes in traditional form.  But you can also get crazy with buffalo chicken Pack ‘n Cheese–featuring chicken, hot sauce, and blue cheese, or jalapeño popper Pack ‘n Cheese with jalapeños and cream cheese. All options are Cheesehead approved!

Primanti Bros. Sandwich
Heinz Field – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
NFL Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh is a unique place–it’s a city that feels like a small town, a culture that could be and (historically is) from another country, and out of this world food. Enter “Almost Famous” sandwiches from local chain Primanti Bros. at Heinz Field. These iconic beauties are over in the best ways–oversized and overflowing with assorted meats, fries, and coleslaw. 

Yep, fries and slaw go right in the sandwich. Don’t ask. It’s a “yinzer” thing.

Dessert Nachos
Ford Field – Detroit Michigan
NFL Team: Detroit Lions

The Lions tend to go through many ups and downs in any given season, which makes the team an emotional rollercoaster for fans.

But one thing always wins at Ford Field–the dessert nachos.  This is the ultimate dessert that you always wanted but didn’t know existed. The tortilla chips are fried and then dusted with sugar and cinnamon before receiving a healthy topping of smoked chocolate cherry Nutella sauce. Chocolate covered cherries, whipped cream, and sprinkles round out the fun.

Steak Sandwich
Gillette Stadium – Foxborough, Massachusetts
NFL Team: New England Patriots

Gillette Stadium is ground zero for success in the NFL. After all, the Patriots are defending Super Bowl champs and current 2019 AFC odds frontrunners for another conference title this year. There’s also a lot of winning here for hella wicked hungry foodies come Sunday. Our pick is the steak sandwich from Lighthouse Grill. It comes loaded with classic fixings, all neatly tucked in a ciabatta roll.

Beef Pho
CenturyLink Field – Seattle, Washington
NFL Team: Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks refer to their collective fanbase as the 12th Man. We’re pretty sure the Beef Pho at CenturyLink qualifies as the 13th Man because it’s a stellar standout in the same league as QB Russell Wilson. This Vietnamese soup is an All-Pro starring braised beef, rice noodles, Thai basil, bean sprouts, and Fresno chilis all awash in a spectacular pho broth. 

Kingdom Inferno Chicken Sandwich 
Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City, Missouri 
NFL Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Some like it hot, and some like it really hot. 

If you’re in the latter camp, the fiery Kingdom Inferno Chicken Sandwich is just for you. Delight as your mouth gets scorched on Carolina reaper mayo, made from the world’s hottest pepper, and sliced jalapeños with this brioche bunned twist on the traditional breaded chicken tenders sandwich. Buffalo sauce and pepper jack cheese add the mild flavors here. 

Not a bad way to stay warm on an otherwise blustery Kansas City Sunday!

With all these creative and delicious dishes, there’s no way you can blame us if you go hungry the next time you’re at an NFL game! There’s something here for nearly every appetite. So, what’s your favorite football food? 


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