Jason Zuffranieri’s 19-Game Winning Streak makes him one of Jeopardy’s all-time biggest winners

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Jason Zuffranieri, who just a couple of weeks ago was the new media sensation because of his win streak on Jeopardy, just ran out of luck.

Even though he came up one game short of 20 wins, Zuffranieri more than made a mark during his 19-game streak.

Zuffranieri joins James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings

His playing style was similar to the one of James Holzhauer. Zuffranieri achieved a maximum streak of 19 games before taking home a total of $532,496. For a guy who tried to get into the game nine times, this is actually a great outcome. 

Not only did he take more than half a million home, but he managed to carve the name Jason Zuffranieri into the top 5 players in terms of games won and top three in all time winnings.

However, Ken Jennings, the top player on both of these all-time lists, was way too far with the nearly-unbeatable 74 game winning streak and over $2 million in winnings. 

Jason Zuffranieri, the Math teacher who won America’s heart.

Even though he just managed to rank in the top 3, he also earned all the people’s support. The Math teacher showed everyone that persistence does give results. He also showed us a great lesson of humility along the way with his last statements.

“My mentality for 25 years was that I wasn’t meant to be on the show for whatever reason. Not smart enough, not camera-friendly, not interesting, whatever. To finally get a chance on that stage was a dream come true, and the level of good fortune I received is truly beyond anything I ever considered could happen.”

However, the show continues with more than a few new contestants ready to try their luck and wits. Are you ready to follow the new contestant’s Jeopardy streak? Stay tuned for more. 

Sources: MSN, Today.com  


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