How to use Tinder without connecting to your Facebook profile

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When it comes to mobile dating, so many people prefer Tinder for its effectiveness.

The only disappointing thing was obligatory need to connect Tinder to your Facebook account. With the growing influence of Facebook in how we socialize, we rely on the company for so many parts of our lives that we need to know all the right ways to use all the features without exposing ourselves, or whether it’s viewing an event, a Facebook message or displaying photos to the right people in your network we have to know what were showing to others, knowing what they’ve seen and even what we’ve seen.

Now those that don’t wish to connect to Facebook or give their personal data to the social media giant yet still use Tinder has in part come true since such an option to sign in without Facebook has finally become possible.

Even if you use a desktop version of Tinder, there is no necessity to use another browser to benefit from this feature. In addition, this option is available while using a mobile version as well. Note that Facebook isn’t well and truly erased from the equation. Thus, you still have to accept the terms of the Account Kit which is required by Tinder for logging in. It means that you still provide Facebook with your telephone number and name, but you can keep your other private information a secret. It’s a choice between bad and worse. Nonetheless, it’s easier than to answer the question of how to know when you should break up.

What Should You Do to Use Tinder Without Facebook?

First of all, you should choose the option “log in with phone number.” Then, after entering it, you will receive the authentication code which should also be applied. After that, it’s necessary to indicate your email and come up with a strong password, as well as specify your first name and sex.

If you are an Android user, then you will be offered to provide Tinder with access to the gallery as well as location data. Your geodata should be turned on while using the application. After all this stuff, you have to choose your best profile photo and press “done” to finish the process of creating the account. If you cannot decide whether you should choose this option or it’s better to opt for a standard signing process, let’s look for the main advantages and drawbacks.

Advantages of Using Tinder Without Facebook

• There are big chances that you are interested in this article because, on the one hand, you want to try Tinder and meet someone interesting there, but on the other hand, you don’t use Facebook, and thus you don’t have its account. So, it’s clear that using Tinder without creating a Facebook account is the main advantage, especially if you don’t want to create it for some reasons.
• You can easily reset your Tinder account, using the telephone number.

Drawbacks of Using Tinder Without Facebook

• When your Tinder account isn’t connected to Facebook, you have to enter a confirmation code every time when logging in to Tinder. So, it can be somehow annoying if cell coverage is very poor.
• Since your account is not connected to Facebook, and Tinder doesn’t use your information about things you like; you will not find out immediately if you have common interests with your match. So, it’ll be much harder to find an ice breaker.

Nonetheless, if the main reason for your unwillingness to connect your Tinder to Facebook account is that you don’t want to pass on too much private information, there is still a way out. You can use an additional email to create a fictional Facebook profile without your photos, adding friends or filling it with private information. The main thing is to point out your real first name.

Tinder Tips That Can Come in Handy

If you still have a non-cellphone-phone then using a landline phone number can become a good alternative to your mobile number when signing up. Don’t be afraid that you will not be able to get an authentication code since after you confirm that you haven’t received it, you can select an option to get it via a voice call. The main thing is to be near your house phone. So, it is a good substitution for providing the app with your mobile number and the ability to still be able to make a reset. Create an additional email that will be used only for social networks and different advertising actions.

Facebook may have connected us in ways we never imagined, but the social media giant has made a bunch of gaffes along the way and has made the world a much smaller place, for better or worse.

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