Cafe X Review: My first coffee experience with Cafe X (with free drink promo code)

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Cafe X is the next level cafe. Cafe X is an automated espresso and coffee bar where a robotic arm “hand crafts” your coffee, latte, Cappuccino, Macchiatto, or Americano order across kiosks and store fronts around the San Francisco Bay Area. The vast majority of Cafe X locations are in downtown San Francisco, but the company plans on expanding their reach (no pun intended).

Cafe X Review

In 2018, Cafe X kicked off their first “location” in San Francisco. I was hesitant to use their service because I wasn’t convinced that a robot could do as well as barista. Then I was offered $5 using this CafeXApp coupon code MAR01 and figured why not give it a shot?

Depending on whether you’ve had good or bad experiences at cafes, Cafe X takes the barista out of the coffee bar. That means no more long lines. All you need to do is walk up to one of Cafe X locations, tap on a tablet to craft your espresso-based drink or coffee to place your order. The other option is even more expedient. You download Cafe X’s app, open it up and place your order as you walk toward the Cafe X. Five minutes later as you approach the kiosk or cafe, your order is ready for you to pick up. Just punch in your order code and the robotic arm will hand you your coffee drink.

I used the tablet my first time and it was seamless. You basically run through five options

  1. Choosing your drink type
  2. Select a bean
  3. Pick a milk option (oat milk or regular)
  4. What size do you want (8 oz. or 12 oz.)
  5. Flavor

Just like that your order is in the queue and ready to go. My first experience and every experience since then has been quick and the cafe lattes I’ve ordered have been on par with getting a drink crafted by an actual human barista. Honestly, since Cafe X is automated, the drinks have been more consistent in quality and texture than what my favorite coffee shops have provided.

Final Verdict: If you want your coffee fast and Cafe X is on your way to work, I don’t think there’s a better, more expedient way to grab a coffee en route to your destination. All it takes is minor forethought and a minute later, you’ve placed your coffee order. No waiting in line to place your order and wait times at the cafe is cut severely. Download Cafe X and get your first order free here.

Cafe X $5 Promo Code for Free Drink

To obtain more users wanting a quick, efficient quality coffee drink on their way to work, Cafe X is offering their first coffee order free (up to $5). To do so, you must download the Cafe X mobile app on Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

In order to get your first coffee or latte free, ensure you plug in the coupon code MAR01 where the app says PROMOTIONS. On iPhones, just type in MAR01 and click submit. You should then see you’ll get a free drink in your account. On some Android phones, you take the same steps but will have to hit the enter key on your keyboard to submit the coupon successfully and get your free coffee drink.

Another benefit of using Cafe X is that the technology company focuses on serving coffee beans from local roasters. For example, in the Bay Area, Cafe X partners with popular and cult favorites such as Ritual, Equator, and Intellgentsia.


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