Zara men’s collection takes “Pulse of the City” for new 18′ Autumn collection

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With their reasonably-priced clothing and twice-yearly blowout sales, Zara is the choice for those that love quality fashion options at an affordable price.

The balance that Zara maintains is trendy high fashion at the quarter of the price (or tenth). So you can have good prices a la Old Navy, but clearly fashion isn’t their aim.

The Spanish-based retailer is putting out a lot more editorial emails with fashion shoots and photographs that mirror the higher-end house of fashions around the world. In particular, we’re digging the men’s options as of late. Take a look at the most-recent email I received touting street style for their 2018 Autumn/Winter collection

Zara has always had a more decidedly-street style, but their going big this season. Big meaning over-sized. Big meaning bolder colors with a sporty turn. You can shop their new collection here.

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